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Mindfulness: A Powerful Advocacy Tool
In this experiential webinar with Jenn Bruer, you will leave enticed by the power of mindfulness and its untapped potential as an advocacy tool. Participants will be given a chance to explore and reflect on mini mindfulness activities throughout and thus highlighting the empirical nature of this practice. Other focal points will include a brief overview of the history of mindfulness, dispelling some common myths, exploring many of the core concepts, reviewing the potential outcomes and possible challenges, and identifying the nuanced differences and similarities between mindfulness and meditation

Presented by: Jenn Bruer, Burnout Strategist, CYC

This Webinar is FREE for Ontario Registered Social Workers (RSW), Registered Social Service Workers (RSSW) and Students of Social Work and Social Service Work Programs. Please note: If you are not an RSW, RSSW or student of these programs in Ontario, you may still attend but will be charged a nominal fee of $35.
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