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Modifying Social Work Practices for Neurodiverse Operating Systems
Neurodivergent clients use different ‘operating systems’ to perceive and communicate in the world. Typical therapeutic modalities may not recognize or factor in these differences in the neuroatypical brain and central nervous system. Using Dialectical Behaviour Therapy as an example, this webinar presents a modified model of emotional regulation (adapted from Marsha Linehan’s work) and modified interventions for self-regulation. Participants will leave this webinar with a new tool for assessing and working with neurodivergence. They will be able to transfer their understanding of neurodiverse-affirming practices to other areas of practice.

Learning Outcomes:
- Understand the meaning of neurodiversity and neurodiverse-affirming social work practice
-Use NDOS tool to describe social, emotional, mental, sensory and physical domains of ND
- Use modified DBT emotional regulation model to intervene more effectively with ND clients
- Apply improved understanding of neurodiversity in social work assessments, interventions, and policies

This Webinar is FREE for Ontario Registered Social Workers (RSW), Registered Social Service Workers (RSSW) and Students of Social Work and Social Service Work Programs. Please note: If you are not an RSW, RSSW or student of these programs in Ontario, you may still attend but will be charged a nominal fee of $20.

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Dec 5, 2022 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Wendy McGuire
After many years of research and teaching in university settings, Wendy made an abrupt mid-life career change to work with neurodivergent youth and adults. Their therapy practice promotes the well-being of neurodivergent people and their loved ones through interdisciplinary, neurodiversity-affirming care, supervision, and training. While the therapy they provide is, in many ways, like traditional therapy, in others it is a radical departure based on an in-depth understanding of how neuroatypical brains and nervous systems work. In a neurotypical world, the burden falls on the neurodivergent to adapt, at any cost. But the only way all neurotypes can coexist as equals is to stop privileging typical brains over others and build understanding across differences. Based on Wendy's professional and lived experience, they have developed a unique neurodiversity-affirming treatment model that can be applied across mental health and healthcare disciplines and settings.